Catering To The Needs Of Formula 1 Motorsports


Catering To The Needs Of Formula 1 Motorsports

Developing Servo Drives for Extreme Motorsports

Motorsports have become more than just a popular pastime enjoyed by fans around the world. It is also one of the most interesting dimensions of automotive engineering pursued today. Formula 1 cars and other race ready vehicles have to hold up to a range of demanding conditions that standard consumer vehicles never face. Intense heat, fuel efficiency, and the demand for consistent, long-term performance are just a few of the engineering challenges faced by leading automotive engineers. These innovators are highly motivated to find competitive, effective solutions to these and other significant design challenges. The fruits of their efforts result in vehicles capable of performing to an even higher standard, which push both the art and science of motorsports to the next level. Clearly, there is a lot of competition in the world of professional motorsports vehicle design.

What Motorsports Vehicle Parts Are Up Against

There are a number of factors that have to be considered when competitive motorsport vehicle designers and engineers are selecting parts for use on new models. These include:

  • High operating temperatures and effective heat dispersion solutions
  • Operational parameters that have to be sustained for many hours without significant variation
  • Being mindful of the space-saving designs that are best suited for vehicles with size restrictions
  • Identifying components that are lightweight enough to satisfy competitive standards and goals
  • Selecting items that can handle vibrational stress and other environmental factors distinct to competitive racing
  • Finding parts that will integrate effectively with all other available engine components

Finding vehicle engine parts that satisfy these and other pressing design concerns can be a significant challenge. A careful balance between affordability, size, weight, operational efficiency, and long term functionality must be sought. Identifying components such as servo drives that satisfy all these needs is a challenge familiar to leading automotive engineers, especially those that work within the world of professional vehicular racing.

How ESI Engineers Can Help Vehicle Designers

ESI is proud to have worked with several engineers to develop motorsports servo drive elements that meet and exceed the ruggedization requirements distinct to this industry. We have developed servos that conform to multiple levels of ruggedization in order to meet the standards of a wide range of industrial concerns, including those ofrobotics, aerospace, transportation, and military applications. This level of experience puts our engineering team head and shoulders above what similar firms are able to offer. Our long-time partnership with some of the world’s leading vehicle designers has given our team of engineers a competitive advantage when it comes to developing new technical solutions. We take the needs that our industrial partners bring to us seriously and will work diligently to uncover solutions that advance the concerns of laboratories and engineers around the world.