Servos Drives and Modules that Power Exploration and Discovery

Space exploration has always posed some of the most difficult engineering challenges ever faced by scientists. ESI Motion has emerged as an industry leader in the delivery of precision servo drive systems operating reliably in even the harshest environments outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Lunar, interplanetary and space exploration are achievable thanks to improved system components.

Developing Systems Capable of Doing More

The motor control systems installed in vehicles and other equipment utilized for space exploration have to be capable of operating under extreme conditions. Some of the operational parameters that these systems must adhere to are:

  • Weight and size restrictions
  • Tolerance of high vibration
  • Capable of performing accurately under temperature extremes
  • Resistance to radiation and magnetic disruption
  • Ability to repeat the same action with precision and reliability
  • Efficient use of energy

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How ESI Motion Can Help

ESI Motion engineers have partnered with numerous laboratories, research institutions and other agencies to provide motor control solutions that precisely suit each client’s distinctive requirements. In addition to providing a wide range of off-the-shelf servo drives and modules, we deliver advanced solutions to satisfy mission critical applications. This makes our team uniquely qualified to support the most advanced technical requirements for LEO and GEO applications.

Highlighted Products


Developed specifically with Space Rated Motor Control in mind, the NOVA Servo Drive was Developed for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Motion Control Applications.

This controller is one of the smallest servo drives for space applications currently available on the market. It is incredibly lightweight and comes in a dual-axis configuration.

This versatile servo drive is perfect for high-performance space applications where weight and efficiency are crucial for systems operating in a vacuum and in environments with extreme vibration.



Building on the success of ESI Motion’s NOVA servo drive comes the next step: SuperNova

This Radiation-tolerated controller takes the available in a Dual-Axis configuration and adds more power along with multiple options of feedback while still providing one of the smallest servo drives for space applications on the market today.

Both NOVA and SuperNova have been field-proven in several space applications including Solar Array Deployment, Beam Director, Optical Point Precision, and Wing Deployment systems.

Brushless, Brushed & Stepper Motor Controllers are available as well as Custom Solutions.

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From off-the-shelf to full customization programs, ESI Motion has provided Space Proven Servo Drive Technology to Clients that have been mission-critical and proven successful time and time again in the harsh environment of space while providing time saving and budget friendly solutions to programs.

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