Packaging Options for Servo Drives

ESI is pleased to serve the needs of defense, aerospace, industrial, energy, space and other clients who require system elements with a high degree of technical precision and unmatched durability. In order to provide the system elements required by our valued clients, we offer a range of ruggedized options, designed for the most extreme conditions. The process of ruggedization prepares items for efficient operation within a range of settings. We offer three different packaging levels for ruggedized servo drives appropriate for the many operational environments that these systems will be used in. These include:

  • Rugged
  • Semi-Rugged
  • Industrial

Our engineers are always available to assist clients with the selection of servo drive packaging and other components that are most appropriate for your distinct needs.

Industrial Grade Ruggedization

Industrial Grade Ruggedization

The commercial-grade ruggedized servo drives are an excellent choice for many general, commercial and some industrial applications. They are fully compatible with systems that operate within a wide temperature range and are less likely to face submersion or abrasive elements. Many elements ruggedized to the commercial level are placed in air-cooled systems.

Semi-Rugged Casings

System elements that are engineered to the semi-rugged standard are often selected for use in military and high demand industrial capacities. Industrial-grade elements and those developed to an equal standard can be considered as meeting the rugged grade.

Fully Rugged, Military Grade

The highest-grade components currently available are designed to the super-rugged military standard. This ruggedization level meets the standard applied to components screened at the most demanding level. These items are designed to operate reliably within the harshest environmental conditions and can withstand sudden shock, vibrations and extreme changes in temperature.

Looking for Something Specific?

The particular parameters of any given system may require some informed analysis before a final decision is made regarding system components. Our team of engineers is very familiar with the particular operational parameters associated with each of these three ruggedization grades, so we can make sound recommendations based on each client’s particular needs.

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Clients from many different sectors depend on the extreme servo drive systems developed by ESI. We are pleased to offer servos and packaging solutions that are engineered to withstand harsh and demanding environments. From industrial and laboratory settings to defense and aerospace engineering, we can develop innovative solutions for the most demanding projects. Contact us to learn more.