Solutions for High Tech Industries

High tech industries around the world utilize a wide range of precision components to develop systems that meet today’s evolving demands. Businesses in these special industries must continually refine the systems that power their operations to remain at the leading edge of their fields. Servo drives are utilized in many of the applications essential to meet development goals. ESI Motion specializes in designing and manufacturing servo drive systems that conform to client specifications while still delivering outstanding accuracy, reliability and dependability.

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The Components Required for Advanced Systems

Engineers and designers are always looking for products that improve system efficiency and performance. ESI Motion excels at delivering advanced solutions to the most demanding operational parameters for servo drives. Our off-the-shelf or modified options include ruggedization which can handle extreme high and low temperatures, strong vibration and other environmental factors.

Features can be off-the-shelf or modified to customer requirements to include:

  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Designed to military and industrial specifications
  • Ruggedized packaging
  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • High performance
  • High accuracy resolver feedback
  • Flexible configuration
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Wide product range (1kW—80kW)
  • High power factor / power density
  • High accuracy Sensorless, Encoder, Resolver, Hall, and BiSS feedback options

AIR (Defense & Commercial)

autonomous/unmanned system


ground vehicles

Ground Vehicles (Defense & Commercial)




Sea (Defense & Commercial)