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Rogue - Rugged Dual-Axis Servo DriveRugged, Flexible, and High-Power Density

ESI Motion’s Rogue Servo Drive provides power house performance in a small, lightweight package. Rogue incorporates our rugged, high-density DSP controller and power driver modules, offers several feedback options, and is packaged in a military-grade submersible case.

An Adaptable Rugged Drive Solution

This versatile servo drive is ideal for high-performance applications operating at high temperatures, in high vibration, or other extreme environmental conditions.

ESI Motion’s servo drive systems are designed for precision military, aviation, automotive, robotics, and specialized industrial applications where size and weight are critical. ESI Motion products are designed and built at our USA facility.

Configure The Rogue to Your Exact Servo Specifications

For application specific questions, or to speak with ESI about designing a modified drive based on the Dragon, call or email ESI Motion. Discover what makes our ruggedized servo drives the best choice for extreme conditions and configure the perfect servo drive controller at ESI Motion.

Feature Highlights Include:

  • Fully Digital High-Performance Drive
  • MIL-STD-461 EMI Filter*
  • Multiple Feedback Options
  • Torque, Velocity, or Position control
  • Brake Drivers
  • Regeneration Controller
  • Active Inrush Limiter
  • Communication Interfaces of CAN & RS-422
  • Software Configurable to drive a Single Motor or two Independent Motors
  • Includes configurable, user-friendly GUI with enhanced data collection capability and integrated oscilloscope feature


  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Aerospace
  • Ground/Land
  • Sea/Subsea


Nominal Voltage 28 VDC
Maximum Continuous Output Current Up to 50A
Maximum DC Power 725 W
Operating Case Temperature -40 to 71°C
PWM Frequency 40 kHz (Consult factory for PWM frequencies up to 100 kHz)
Efficiency >95% (full load)
Feedbacks Supported BiSS-C (Unidirectional), Quadrature Encoder, Resolver, Hall, Sensorless
Weight 1.81 kg (4.0 lbs.)
Size 6.00”L x 5.94”W x
(152 mm x 151 mm x 63.5 mm)

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