A Better Servo Drive User Interface

Many professional workshops, labs, military applications and other settings rely on high-power servo drives to monitor and maintain a wide range of precision equipment. These drives play an important role in supporting the development of new technology and the correct implementation of existing tools and equipment. Any failure or malfunction on the part of the drive could seriously set back production times, testing schedules and in some cases put lives at risk. The servo drive user interface should provide highly accurate information to users to ensure proper function of the drive at all times.

All You Expect And More

A user interface should be informative, intuitive, powerful and easily configured to meet the distinctive needs of each individual system. A dynamic user interface is nearly as valuable as the servo drive itself; without the right interface, a drive’s usefulness can diminish quickly. ESI excels at designing graphic user interfaces (GUIs) for our servo drives. Our commitment to user-friendly design and exceptional customer service has made us a leader in the servo drive industry.

What Sets Our System Apart

The revolutionary servo drive user interface developed by ESI greatly simplifies testing and system-level integration. This allows for effective operations without sacrificing essential data or interface functionality. Our systems include:

  • Oscilloscope Data Capture Feature
  • This system is fully compatible with LabVIEW
  • User-friendly PC interface is intuitive to operate
  • Run panels are XML configurable to display system variables as set by the user
  • Exercise control over USB or CAN bus

Greater Control Over The User Experience

Our interface design is driven by the need to provide end users with greater control over the operation of their technical equipment. Accurately monitoring, tracking and reporting on the operation of each servo drive can only occur when the right data is being collected. By providing users with a highly customizable interface, ESI is leading the way in innovative system development. We are pleased to provide the tools that engineers and technicians have long been looking for.

Need A GUI?

ESI’s friendly service team has years of experience developing servo control GUI systems to meet client specifications. We have developed, managed and documented systems for a wide range of specialized industrial and military applications. We work closely with our clients to provide support for whatever ESI system they are running.

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