Fully Integrated Modular Systems

Our integrated modular systems combine all critical functions into a single unit that is both lightweight and rugged. We offer multiple configurations for each line that can be suited to various environmental conditions including high-temperature, high-voltage and high-speed applications. Each line can be further modified based on your specific needs or used as a turnkey solution.

Ruggedized Servo Drives

Designed for defense and specialized applications, our fully integrated servo drive line offers the most robust configurations. Available with military grade connectors and submersible cases, the Dragon, Vulcan and Roadwind lines offer lightweight, versatile “plug-and-play” capabilities for rapid deployment and integration. For systems that demand adaptable drives that can still function in High-speed and high-temperature environments, our Wolverine Line achieves the perfect balance of efficiency, configurability and reliability. These “plug-and-play” servo drives offer a wide range of configurations, shock and vibration resistance and incredible speed and temperature tolerance. When projects have specific needs for both high-speed and high-power, our Hyperion really excels! Used on Formula One and other high-power applications, these drives are a true engineering achievement and deliver incredible power, compact size and weight.

What Capabilities Do You Need?

Whether you need a modified off-the-shelf solution from our engineering team, need quick delivery, or integration of an existing configuration, ESI Motion’s servo drives can complete your project with unmatched reliability and performance. Contact the ESI Motion team to review your exact requirements and find the solution for your needs!

Powerful. Reliable. Compact.

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