Ruggedized Servo Drives and Modules for Extreme Performance in Any Environment

Our products are engineered to provide maximum power and reliability even in the most extreme operating environment. Our drives regularly perform in extreme applications ranging from deep sea drilling to space applications. ESI Motion’s servo drives and servo drive modules deliver world class performance with exceptional vibration tolerance, extreme temperature ranges, moisture and submersion for stellar performance in defense, aviation, aerospace, energy , commercial and space applications.

We are proud to offer a diverse line of off-the-shelf products ready to perform in a wide range of applications and we offer extensive modification options for flexibility to meet any needs and specifications:

  • Stabilization control modules
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Power conversion
  • Actuator systems
  • EMI filters

Our servo drive modules are extremely small with our dual-axis Atom packed with 100A in less than 2 square inches! Our single-axis Proton at 50A is even smaller! Check them out now!

If you need a modified or a customized solution – we can help!

To view some of our capabilities, click here for our ESI Infographic

Transform your motion control with ESI Motion's advanced solutions. Configure your ideal fit and reach out via our contact page for personalized assistance. Elevate your systems with ESI Motion.

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