Customize Your Servo Drive Graphical User Interface


Customize Your Servo Drive Graphical User Interface

ESI Motion designs high quality servo drives and modules that offer reliability, accuracy and durability in high temperature extreme environments. However, as much as the quality and accuracy of a servo drive are critical to it’s functioning, equally important is the usability of the drive. For engineers or technicians working with servo drives, the graphical user interface (GUI) of the drive is an important part of usability and effectiveness. ESI Motion manufactures customized GUIs to display the information most pertinent to the application, helping the operator use the drive most effectively.

Improved Performance Through Intelligent User Interface Design

ESI Motion’s revolutionary servo drive interface strikes the perfect balance between depth of information and readability, making it both easy to understand and navigate as well as highly accurate and detailed. The GUI is XML configurable and highly user-friendly. Through careful, detailed interface design, ESI’s GUI helps improve performance and increases the reliability of our servo drives and modules.

Custom Software for Specific Applications

In some applications, operators must be able to understand specific, key metrics easily at a glance. In those cases, ESI Motion’s engineering team is happy to work with you to customize the user interface to meet your needs. No matter what elements of the data are most pertinent to your project our engineers will modify our GUI to display relevant data intuitively and informatively, helping your engineers work efficiently and effectively.

Contact Your Servo Drive Manufacturers

As always, ESI Motion strives to provide reliable, accurate, and durable servo drives that offer intuitive ease-of-use and maximum power. If you would like to learn more about our products or discuss your own servo drive needs, please feel free to learn more about the industries we serve, call us at 800.823.3235, or reach out to us at our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you, and we are excited to help you customize your servo drive for peak performance and usability.