A Mission To Mars

How Extreme Equipment Will Get Us To The Red Planet

People around the world are taking a second look at the idea of a manned mission to Mars. Recent discoveries by NASA rovers have spurred the agency’s plan to send people to this planet. Naturally, such a mission will require many new technological innovations in order to get people safely to Mars and back again. Some of the world’s top engineers are now dedicating themselves to the creation of systems required for a successful mission. Given that rovers have played such an important role in Mars exploration thus far, it is reasonable to expect that these and other sophisticated robotic equipment will continue to provide important support. ESI has a long history of providing extremely ruggedized servo drive components that are able to withstand the demands of many harsh environments like those of outer space and distant planets. We are excited to see how components like these are going to help push the boundaries of scientific knowledge.

Precision and Accuracy Are Necessary

Accuracy is an important consideration for any technical field; in the realm of aerospace engineering, accuracy and precision can mean everything. Many different operations must be conducted with dependable accuracy. A Mars mission is likely to utilize robots and other machines capable of performing operations such as:

  • Opening and closing of spacecraft doors
  • Securing spacecraft components and accessory devices
  • Repair and maintenance conducted by mobile robotic arms
  • Guiding rover exploration over hazardous terrain
  • Launching and retrieving valuable probes
  • Ensuring proper mechanical safeguards against failure scenarios

Many different operations are going to be essential to any future space exploration.

Challenges of Designing Equipment for Interplanetary Exploration

Precise operations executed by advanced equipment will help keep astronauts safe and provide invaluable assistance during research. Engineers working for NASA and independent laboratories will certainly spend many years perfecting the many actions that specialized equipment will have to perform. In addition to developing equipment capable of executing the highly precise motions required by astronauts, these items will also have to be able to stand up to the extreme environmental features that characterize outer space and the surface of Mars. ESI has worked with NASA, space and aerospace companies in the past, we are familiar with the radiation standards and components required for this sort of work.

Components will have to be carefully chosen in order to ensure proper operation in low gravity conditions and on the rough surface of Mars.

Reaching The Next Frontier With ESI Servo Drive Systems

Mars exploration is one of the most exciting scientific frontiers facing us today. We look forward to the development of exciting new technologies.