Oshkosh Contract To Replace Iconic Humvees


Oshkosh Contract To Replace Iconic Humvees

Defense contractor Oshkosh will soon begin work on replacing the trusted HMMWV “Humvee” with an updated Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV. The Humvee has served the Army and Marine forces well since its introduction in 1984, and the aging fleet will continue to be utilized for the foreseeable future while the newer JLTV variants are slowly introduced.

Benefits Of The JLTV

Following operations in the Middle East, many Humvees were fitted with an ever-increasing level of armor due to the widespread use of IEDs and similar threats. While the Humvee has always had a base level of protection, the added armor eventually became a drawback to the speed and maneuverability.

Size and weight are a major factor when seeking replacements for the Humvee. These vehicles are responsible for transporting and protecting our troops in situations where tanks and other heavily armored vehicles aren’t as appropriate.

The Definition Of Ruggedized

One look at the new JLTV and you know it means business! At ESI Motion, everything we produce must pass rigorous tests to qualify as ruggedized hardware, and the JLTV has likely been exposed to similarly harsh environments. As with any vehicle or device meant for the defense industry, every individual part must be able to withstand even the most extreme conditions. From high temperatures to liquid exposure and power demands, much like our servo drives, the JLTV failure point needs to be excruciatingly high.

We use the term “ruggedized” as a broad description for our servo designs, but what does that really mean? Lot’s of things can be called rugged, but few are up to the standards set by ESI or the Military.

From Servos To Soldiers

The expectations for the JLTV are incredibly high, and rightly so. We expect them to keep American Soldiers safe, so they can complete missions and protect our freedoms. For this reason, we have set our own internal expectations equally high, and will accept nothing but the best from our engineering team. The JLTV is only one piece in a large military fleet, and we are only one of many American manufacturers responsible for designing and building the equipment used by our forces, but our commitment remains the same.

Our specialty is servo controllers, and we’re proud to be an important part of many defense projects, as well as aerospace, energy, and other industrial applications. As you read more about the JLTV, the Humvee, and other advancements, remember that every aspect has been engineered to be the definition of ruggedized.

Looking To The Future Of Defense & Industry

Congratulations to Oshkosh for their design and contract! We’re excited to see what is in store for military equipment, and to share our servo control expertise in future projects! Check back to see examples of how ESI is doing our part to keep the US Military the most advanced and ruggedized force on the planet!