Product Highlight: Draco Servo Drive


Product Highlight: Draco Servo Drive

It started with our flagship Dragon servo motor line, and now the Draco Servo Drive takes power density to the next level. Like a dragon, the Draco is a highly intelligent servo drive that is the epitome of strength and power. With weight reductions, enhanced performance, and wide bandgap technology that is second to none, this servo drive can fit a multitude of applications from military to automotive. The Draco offers several feedback options and is packaged in a military-grade submersible case.

The Draco is a small, compact servo drive measuring only 9.38″ L x 6.63″ W x 2.60″ H and weighing only 5.63 lbs to meet precise space efficiency needs. This small package delivers unsurpassed power density, delivering output power reaching 29,000 kilowatts and electrical speed up to 75,000 RPMs. It is ideal for operating in extreme conditions, including rugged terrain, environments with high vibration, and in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 71ºC. The Draco also comes with a Graphical User Interface that is the industry benchmark for flexible and precise system integration. Its versatility makes it perfect for specialized industrial applications such as the military, aviation, automotive, and robotics. It can be used for winch

A Rugged Drive Solution That’s Adaptable

control, countermeasure electronics, special mission equipment, and vehicle modernization. Designed and built in the USA.

Learn How the Draco Servo Drive Can Help You!

ESI Motion’s servo drives are top-of-the-line and operate in the most challenging situations. If you have specific needs and requirements for your project, our engineering team is always eager to design customized solutions too. If you want a servo drive that can perform in any operating environment, please call us today at 800.823.3235 or email You can also reach out to us on our contact page.