See How Servo Drives Are Used in Commercial Drones


See How Servo Drives Are Used in Commercial Drones

We often talk about how our servo drives can be used in military, aerospace, space, robotics, and other applications, but our mighty and rugged servo drives have seemingly endless uses in a wide array of ways. Just like technology grows and changes inside our homes it also grows in new ways outside as well.

Drones versus Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The terms “drone” and “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAV) are tossed around a lot and often interchangeably; it may be hard to tell which is which. Technically any unmanned aircraft or UAV is a drone, but UAVs are more often used by the military versus drones which are for commercial and consumer use.

Drones seem to be just about everywhere lately from parks, concerts, and sporting events to the beach. They’re also used by companies in new and innovative ways. Here are some ways that drones, equipped with one of our rugged servo drives, can assist people around the world.

Instant gratification is one of the reasons why Amazon has become the giant it is today. With the help of small servo drives Amazon is now using drones to help deliver

Delivering Packages to Your Door

packages around the world. These drones are completely autonomous from takeoff to landing for their delivery and then returning to the fulfillment center. Flying happily below 400 feet above the ground, these drones are delivering lightweight packages to customers quickly and efficiently.

A drone can get into the heart of a disaster area much faster and safer than a human is able to. Whether it’s a natural or manmade disaster, being able to know what damage has occurred, the extent of the damage, and the exact location, allows for the right resources and help to be delivered.

Assessing a Disaster Area

Quickly Transporting Medicine and Medical Equipment

Time is of the essence when lives are depending on the arrival of vital medicine or medical equipment. Drones are able to carry blood, vaccines, and small pieces of medical equipment to remote areas in order to provide needed healthcare.

Helping Fight Wildfires

Wildfires are growing in intensity every year and the dangers associated with these fires also intensifies. In more recent years, California has been using drones to assist firefighters from the sky. While fighting fires from the sky isn’t a new concept, fighting them without a human onboard is. Helping keep more of our brave firefighters safe as they work to contain these wildfires is another way drones equipped with our rugged servo drives can help firefighters tackle a blaze from above.

Tracking Disease Spreading Mosquitoes

No one is a fan of mosquitoes, but they’re particularly harmful when they’re helping the spread of diseases like malaria, west nile, or zika. Servo drive equipped drones are now helping track the spread of mosquitoes by identifying bodies of water that contain mosquito larvae. Having advanced knowledge of where the larvae are thriving allows scientists to get ahead of a new population growth surge and curb the spread of disease.

Our Motion Control Devices Power Drones, Big and Small

Were you surprised by all the ways that drones are making an impact around the world? We’re proud of all the ways our servo drives are making a difference and abundance of uses they have. Servo Drives such as our exceptionally small Atom, Dual Axis Mite and Single Axis Mite are used in drones, UAV’s, satellites, antenna positioners, robotics, and more!

Whether your needs are commercial, industrial, aviation, energy, space, naval, maritime, military, defense, or aerospace we have the rugged servo drive to fit your needs. Contact us today to let us know what your unique needs are and how we can help you achieve your goals!