Servo Drives in the Industrial Space


Servo Drives in the Industrial Space

Modern manufacturing facilities have progressed to a stunning degree of automation, with many plants now using hundreds of individual robots to assemble products with unparalleled levels of efficiency. But with production lines choreographed so precisely, accuracy and efficiency of movement are critical. At ESI Motion, we proudly design and engineer industry-leading servo drive products ranging from high-powered motor controllers to featherweight servo drive modules. Many of our servo drives play critical roles within factory automation.

The Role of Servo Drives in Automation

Automation has revolutionized virtually every industry, and servo drives are widespread within that revolution. Whether creating precisely-portioned foods and beverages, weaving fabrics at minimal cost, or creating devices that are dependable through hundreds of thousands of use cycles, servo drives play a role in creating almost any modern manufactured product. Servo drives control machinery ranging from enormous conveyors working with components that weigh tons, to nimble robotic arms that thread parts into the exact right place with minimal to no effort or error, or AGVs for autonomous movement of parts and order fulfillment.

Servo drives are critical to factory automation because they provide a guarantee for the accuracy, timing, and performance of the robotics and motion used for assembly. A high-quality servo drive can respond in real-time to changes in resistance and other factors, adjusting output power to account for variability and ensure the motor reaches the exact desired position. This makes each individual robotic and motion component on an assembly line inherently more reliable, as it’s able to regulate itself against outside factors and deliver consistent, accurate performance no matter what the operating conditions.

In addition, modern servo drives are built to achieve incredible levels of size efficiency and durability. For example, ESI Motion’s Single Axis Mite and new Atom servo drive modules both deliver incredible power efficiencies in a chassis that weighs less than 2 oz and fits in the palm of your hand – plus, all ESI Motion servo drives can be ruggedized to deliver consistent performance even in the harshest operating environments.

See How Servo Drives Can Increase Your Efficiency

Succeeding in modern manufacturing space requires unparalleled levels of efficiency and reliability. Whether the industries are food & beverage, warehousing order fulfillment, medical, automotive, unmanned under water vehicles, or space exploration; to name a few, servo drives can help any industry or manufacturer cut costs, increase efficiencies, and boost the bottom line. Interested in learning how well-constructed servo drives can improve your manufacturing operation? We’d love to help. Contact us today to find out how our servo drives and servo drive modules can help you reach your production goals. We look forward to hearing from you!