Specializing In Superior Products For Robotic Applications


Specializing In Superior Products For Robotic Applications

Robotics technology plays a crucial role in a wide variety of industries in the modern world, driving everything from high-pressure deep-sea drilling rigs to rovers scanning the harsh surface of Mars for geological and meteorological data. In many instances, robotics must perform in corrosive, extreme operating environments and maintain pinpoint accuracy and precision in even the harshest of conditions. At ESI Motion, we are proud to create world-class servo drives to serve robotic systems in a variety of applications and industries, and across all of our products, we strive to maintain peerless quality, performance, and reliability.


Ruggedized Servo Drives With Unparalleled Space Efficiency

Robotic systems often operate where humans cannot, traversing both the depths of the ocean and the cold surface of other planets. To operate effectively in these environments, every component of a robotic system must be optimized to perform in even the most extreme environments. At ESI Motion, we ruggedize all of our servo drives, offering best-in-class performance in the most hazardous operating environments in the world and in space. Our servo drives are capable of withstanding temperatures from -40º C to 71º C, with certain controllers with aerospace temperatures of -55 º C to 100 º C as well as operating in high-pressure environments or the vacuum of space. We also provide military-grade casings with our servo drives capable of withstanding harsh, corrosive chemicals. No matter where you need your robotic system to operate, ESI Motion servo drives will deliver consistent, world-class performance.

In addition to harsh operating environments, space efficiency is often mission-critical for robotic applications. Many robotic systems need to be compact and light, and robotic systems often have a multitude of motor systems, some controlling small, single function motors. For these cases, ESI Motion is proud to offer some of the smallest, most powerful servo drive modules in the world. Our Proton, Atom, and Mite (Single-Axis and Dual-Axis) offer unparalleled space efficiency and power density, providing best-in-class performance in a highly compact design.


Contact Your Servo Drive Experts

No matter what your technical needs or operating environment, ESI Motion servo drives are guaranteed to deliver world-class performance in any robotic situation. We offer both off-the-shelf servo drive solutions as well as fully customizable design services, and we strive for a standard of 100% customer satisfaction. If you would like to find out how ESI Motion can help to optimize your next robotics project, contact us today by calling +1.800.823.3235 and find out what we can do for you. You can also reach out through the website or email us at sales@esimotion.com.