Top 10 Uses for Servo Drives in Sea Applications


Top 10 Uses for Servo Drives in Sea Applications

Servo drives are essential components in various sea applications, providing precise control over motion and position in marine environments. Here are the top 10 uses for servo drives in sea applications:

1. Marine Propulsion Systems:

Servo drives control the positioning and movement of marine propulsion systems, including electric thrusters, propeller pitch control systems, and azimuth thrusters, optimizing propulsion efficiency and maneuverability.

2. Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS):

Servo drives play a crucial role in DPS used on ships and offshore platforms to maintain position and heading in challenging sea conditions, ensuring stability during operations such as offshore drilling, cable laying, and underwater construction.

3. Rudder and Steering Systems:

Servo drives are employed in rudder and steering systems to control the movement of ship rudders, stabilizers, and steering gears, enabling precise and responsive navigation control for ships and vessels.

4. Winch and Crane Systems:

Servo drives drive winch and crane systems onboard ships and offshore installations for tasks such as cargo handling, anchor handling, and subsea operations, providing precise control over lifting, lowering, and positioning operations.

5. Dynamic Underwater Vehicles:

Servo drives power the propulsion and control systems of dynamic underwater vehicles such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), enabling precise maneuverability and control for underwater exploration, research, and inspection tasks.

6. Hydraulic Systems:

Servo drives are utilized in hydraulic systems onboard ships and marine equipment for controlling hydraulic pumps, valves, and actuators, ensuring precise hydraulic power delivery for various applications such as steering, braking, and cargo handling.

7. Shipboard Cranes and Davits:

Servo drives control the motion of shipboard cranes and davits used for launching and retrieving lifeboats, rescue boats, and cargo, ensuring safe and efficient operations onboard ships and offshore installations.

8. Towing and Mooring Systems:

Servo drives are employed in towing and mooring systems for controlling winches, tensioning devices, and anchor handling equipment, facilitating safe and reliable towing, anchoring, and mooring operations for ships and offshore structures.

9. Wave Energy Converters:

Servo drives drive wave energy converters that harness the kinetic energy of ocean waves to generate electricity, controlling the motion of wave energy harvesting devices to maximize energy extraction efficiency from ocean waves.

10. Submarine Systems:

Servo drives are used in various systems onboard submarines, including diving planes, ballast control systems, and periscope mechanisms, providing precise control over submarine movement and operational capabilities.

These examples highlight the critical role of servo drives in sea applications, enabling precise motion control, navigation, and operational efficiency in marine environments.

The ESI Advantage

ESI Motion has been providing motion control solutions for Defense since 2004, and now by utilizing the same technology, has solutions for motion control applications in the Sea as well as Undersea markets and applications. ESI Motion’s rugged servo drives and servo drive modules are designed for use in extreme operating conditions; including low/high temperatures and harsh environments.

The need for small servo drives is growing in the world of Sea Applications where weight and size are directly correlated craft size/space available as well as fuel costs.  Reliable, small and powerful servo drives are needed for many applications including underwater vehicles (autonomous and manual), winch and crane systems, Sonar systems and many other applications that require precision motion on Boats, Large Vessels, and Submarines. Companies of the Defense and commercial industries are turning to ESI Motion to ensure their systems performance in the harshest environments in the corners of the world. From applications to protect our troops, to going where humans can not to assisting with search and rescue efforts in times of natural disasters; these crucial applications need the best and ESI Motion is here to provide it 20 years and counting.

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