Upcoming Event - Booth 717 at the 39th Space Symposium


Upcoming Event - Booth 717 at the 39th Space Symposium

ESI Motion will be exhibiting at the 39th National Space Symposium in

Colorado Springs April 8th through April 11th!

The National Space Symposium brings together leaders from government, military, industry, and academia to discuss the latest advancements in space technology and exploration, as well as to explore the economic, national security, and educational benefits of space activities. The event is organized by the Space Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting space exploration and utilization.

Stop by Our Booth! #717

Space exploration has always posed some of the most difficult engineering challenges ever faced by scientists. ESI Motion has emerged as an industry leader in the delivery of precision servo drive systems operating reliably in even the harshest environments outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Lunar, interplanetary and space exploration are achievable thanks to improved system components.
ESI Motion engineers have partnered with numerous laboratories, research institutions and other agencies to provide motor control solutions that precisely suit each client’s distinctive requirements. In addition to providing a wide range of off-the-shelf servo drives and modules, we deliver advanced solutions to satisfy mission critical applications. This makes our team uniquely qualified to support the most advanced technical requirements for LEO and GEO applications.
At Booth #717, ESI will walk you through our solutions when it comes to space and the products were design and manufacture that will help make your next mission successful! From Servo Drive Modules that fit in the palm of your hand like Proton and Atom to Radiation tolerant Servo Drives designed specifically for Low Earth Orbit like Nova and SuperNova, ESI has you covered when it comes to accomplishing your mission among the stars.
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