What Can the Single Axis Mite Do For You?


What Can the Single Axis Mite Do For You?

Servo drives are a crucial part of regulating power in a wide variety of motor systems applications. They provide a reliable method to ensure the necessary amount of power is supplied consistently, adjusting as necessary to accommodate changes in feedback that may otherwise alter a motor’s performance. In some cases, though, servo drives must do more than just supply the correct amount of power.

In many applications, particularly in defense, aerospace, or robotics industries, minimizing size and weight of all components is critical. These applications require a servo drive that minimizes size and weight without compromising power, control or reliability. In applications such as these, the Single Axis Mite excels.

The Perfect Combination of Size and Power

The Single Axis Mite is the most powerful servo drive module of its size on the market today. ESI’s modules supply ample power and control for ground defense, radar antenna, aerospace, robotics and power control systems and applications. With dimensions of 2″ L x 1.76″ W x 0.77″ H and a weight of only 1.46oz or 41.5g, the Single Axis Mite is only 2/3 the size of its sister drive, the Mighty Mite. Despite its tiny size, the Single Axis Mite packs a punch. With a bus voltage ranging from 10V to 170V and a peak current of up to 60 amps, the Mite can deliver 2 kW of output power and handle an electrical speed of 75,000 RPM.

The combination of small size, light weight and high power make the Single Axis Mite perfect for applications with space limitations and yet maximum power demands. In defense applications, the Single Axis Mite is perfect for single-axis motors on projects from ground defense to radar to the cannon turrets in armored combat vehicles. The Single Axis Mite is also ideal in aerospace applications, where factors like space and weight greatly impact fuel efficiency, maneuverability and other mission-critical elements. In robotics applications, where single axis motors are common, the Single Axis Mite provides a simple, powerful and highly efficient solution for rotating parts.

Contact Your Servo Drive Experts

Regardless of the application or operating environment, the Single Axis Mite consistently delivers high performance, reliability and control. Find out more about the Single Axis Mite or learn how it can optimize your system, please call ESI Motion at 800.823.3235, read about the industries our products excel in or reach out to us at our contact page.