What ESI Motion Specializes In


What ESI Motion Specializes In

At ESI Motion, our servo drives are trusted by the largest governments and companies in the world for the toughest, most difficult applications. Our ruggedized servo drives play mission-critical roles in industries ranging from defense to heavy industry, and we strive to create products that perform in the harshest conditions. While we strive to excel in every category, we’re proud of what makes us stand out, and there are a number of things ESI Motion is known for specializing in.

How ESI Motion Stands Apart

We’ve built our name striving for excellence in every area. While we work to excel in all we do, we’re proud to focus on a number of key specialties:

  • Reliability: As a AS9100 company, demanding continuous improvement, we strive for zero defects and institute rigorous quality control procedures to get there. We take this approach beyond our products, working to continuously improve our customer satisfaction alongside our servo drives.

  • The Toughest Servo Drives in the World: Mach 3 in a fighter jet? Check. Underneath the ocean floor? Check. 401 million kilometers away on the surface of Mars? Check. Our servo drives are built to perform in the harshest operating environments in the universe. Whether it’s the factory floor or deep space, you can trust our servo drives to deliver.

  • Solutions for Every Application: We understand that one servo drive model can’t do it all, which is why we offer a wide array of products. From our high-powered Hyperion line to our tiny Single Axis Mite, you’ll find an ESI Motion servo drive for just about any set of specifications.

  • Modified-Off-The Shelf Solutions: Sometimes, though, an off-the-shelf drive doesn’t cut it. We proudly create custom solutions for our clients, and our unique ability to blend custom designs with off-the-shelf components allows us to deliver turnkey products as quickly as possible.

  • High Power Density: Our products are generally 2-10 times smaller, and lighter than any of our competitors while still maxamizing power.

We’re proud to call these our specialties, and we ensure that every product we sell adheres to each and every one of these strict standards. Want to see what an

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