What The AS9100C Certification Means For You


What The AS9100C Certification Means For You

How ESI’s AS9100C Certification Affects You

If you work in the aerospace or defense industries then you are probably already familiar with the AS9100 certification program, and how it is designed to improve product and service quality. For professionals in other areas, its impact on your experience may not be as obvious, so we wanted to share a little bit about why we felt that this was a vital addition to our company.

The History Of Quality Management Systems Auditing

The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) established the original AS9100 program, and continues to update and maintain the requirements today. This industry standardized quality assurance program is intended to improve service and product quality, and helps recognize businesses who achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

There are several factors included in the AS9100C audit, all of which are focused on customer satisfaction across a broad spectrum of topics including:

  • Timely product delivery schedules, appropriate to customer needs and expectations.
  • Staying up-to-date with changing industry requirements that affect customers.
  • Upholding the latest environmental, government, and industry standards with every product.
  • Utilizing appropriate testing tools and procedures to comply with customer needs.
  • Work with IAQG’s Relationship Growth Teams to address QMS objectives.

ESI participates in both internal and external audits to ensure that every team member and every process is functioning as expected. We work on a constant feedback loop, using every relationship to learn more about improving the customer experience across the board.

Every Step Of The Process Matters

From the moment you contact ESI’s team we work carefully with you to clearly identify needs and expectations, and to follow through to delivery on all fronts. The design and testing phases are equally important, and are driven by internal processes and accountability checks as well.

The ESI team of engineers is a passionate and dedicated group who strive for excellence in every way, even without outside influence. The AS9100C certificate, however, gives customers like you a tangible record of this attitude, and assurance that we are part of an exclusive group of companies that are held to the highest standard.

For Professionals Outside The Defense & Aerospace Arena

The IAQG has a clear and strong connection to the aviation and space sectors, as well as the defense industry more recently, but the concepts can be applied to virtually all industries.

ESI’s commitment to your satisfaction is not dependent on your business type or product application! We work closely with companies in energy, transportation, and other heavy industrial areas, all of whom benefit equally from our unwavering promise to deliver a quality product and an unforgettable experience. Even if you are far removed from the aerospace realm, the success of your project is our priority.

At the end of the day the AS9100C Certification is simply one way of validating that we are actively and aggressively working to improve our relationships and processes. Despite our current success and long list of happy customers, we feel that there is always room to get better!