What You Need To Know About Scorpion Servo Drive Module


What You Need To Know About Scorpion Servo Drive Module

At ESI Motion, we design and manufacture ruggedized, high-performance servo drives that deliver unmatched power, speed, and control in any situation. We are proud to serve industries ranging from deep sea drilling to aerospace applications, and we have built our line of motor control systems to offer best in class performance in even the most dangerous operating environments. We pride ourselves in matching simplicity and reliability with unparalleled power density, and that is especially true in our Scorpion Series drive modules.

What Is a Servo Drive?

A servo drive is an essential part of a high-performance motor control system that serves as an electronic amplifier with a built-in feedback and adjustment mechanism. Servo drives not only amplify electrical power, but they are able to measure feedback data and indicators from the motor and adjust the power output to achieve the desired motor performance. This means that servo drives allow operators to overcome setbacks caused by wind resistance or environmental factors, using feedback measurement to adjust the actual output power to match the operator’s intentions.

The Scorpion Servo Drive

The Scorpion servo drive module takes the principles that make servo drives so effective and packages them in a compact design that meets even the most stringent space efficiency needs while providing enormous power density. Built within a frame measuring only 2.6” D x 4.0” W x 1.8” H and weighing just 1 lb (453 g), the Scorpion is capable of output power reaching 24,000 kilowatts and electrical speed up to 75,000 RPM. The Scorpion is perfect for applications where space efficiency is of the essence but there is no room to compromise on speed and power, providing a compact and efficient solution that packs a full-sized punch.

We are proud to have our drives excel in a variety of industries, and the Scorpion is no exception. It shines in military defense and energy applications where power and reliability are mission critical, while operating equally at home in aerospace and space systems applications where space efficiency can translate to huge cost savings. In industrial and robotics applications, where space is often confined, the Scorpion fits into the nooks and crannies of a design while still providing powerful electrical amplification and control.

Contact Your Servo Drive Experts

No matter what the requirements or the operating environment, ESI Motion’s servo drives perform in even the toughest situations. Our motor control systems offer reliable, uncompromising power and are ruggedized to operate in extreme temperature and pressure ranges, including the heat of an underground drilling operation or the vacuum of deep space. Our off the shelf products are built to shine in any application, and we are also happy to design a customized solution to meet even the most specific needs and requirements. If you are ready to optimize your motor control systems with a durable, powerful, and reliable servo drive that will perform in any operating environment, please call us today at 800.823.3235 or reach out to us at our contact page.