Zeus Motor/Generator Controller


Zeus Motor/Generator Controller

This high power servo controller can drive motors and can act as a generator controller. The Zeus incorporates a Silicon Carbide (SiC) power stage, offers several feedback options, and is packaged in a military-grade submersible case. This versatile controller is ideal for high power aircraft systems where size and weight are at a premium. It is a great fit in specialized military and industrial applications that require operating at high temperatures, in high vibration, or other extreme environmental conditions.

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- MIL-STD-461 EMI Filter
- 600VDC per MIL-PRF-GCS600A
- 180A Maximum Continuous Output Current
- 100 kW DC Power
- Multiple Feedbacks Supported:
- BiSS-C (Unidirectional)
- Quadrature Encoder
- Resolver
- Hall
- Sensorless

- Maximum Motor Speed: 75,000 RPM
- Torque, Velocity, or Position control
- Brake drivers
- Active Inrush Limiter
- Includes configurable, user-friendly GUI with enhanced data collection       capability and integrated oscilloscope feature


- Operating Case and Coolant Temperature: -40 to 71°C
- Weight: 11.4 kg (25 lbs.)
- Size: 243 x 250 x 129 mm (9.56” L x 9.86” W x 5.08"H)
- Efficiency: >97% (full load)


- Electromagnetic interference per MIL-STD-461*:

- CE102
- CS101
- CS114
- CS115
- CS116
- RE101
- RE102
- RS103
- Shock/Vibration per MIL-STD-810G:
- Random Vibration 514.7 Category:16.3 Grms, 15 – 2,000 Hz (0.20 g2/Hz)
- Shock 516.7 Procedure 1: 40G Terminal Peak Sawtooth, 11ms
- 28V Electrical power characteristics: MIL-STD-704F
- Optional Software design assurance: DO-178C
- IP67 Compliant

Customization Available

ESI Motion has the expertise to customize a solution for your project’s needs. Contact us today at sales@esimotion.com to see how we can tailor a solution for you.

*The EMI features on ESI’s Zeus drive are sold AS-IS, without warrantee. EMI compliance is a complex requirement involving the controller, cabling, and the motor. All parts in the system will require special consideration in order to fully comply with EMI features. Due to this complexity, ESI does not warrantee system level EMI compliance.
ESI offers EMI certification services. Certification services can be customized to your needs and typically include a system EMI review, formal compliance testing, and a compliance report. Please contact ESI for details on how to get your system certified to MIL-STD-461.


To learn more about the Zeus, download our Zeus Datasheet on the Zeus Product Page or email sales@esimotion.com Today! You can also call us at +1.800.823.3235 or reach out to us on our Contact Page.