Lightweight and Powerful Motion Control Systems for Robotics Applications

ESI Motion has been providing motion control solutions for Defense & Aerospace since 2004, and now by utilizing the same technology, has solutions for motion control applications in the Industrial and Commercial markets. ESI Motion’s rugged servo drives and servo drive modules are designed for use in extreme operating conditions; including low/high temperatures and harsh environments.

The need for small servo drives is growing in the world of robotics. Reliable, small and powerful servo drives are needed for many applications including medical robots, exoskeleton suits, animatronics and production lines. Defense and commercial industries are turning towards more robotic applications to protect our troops, speed up food production processes in our factories and to assist with search and rescue efforts in times of natural disasters.

Our products are designed to be a perfect solution for OEMs who need critical motion control solutions for various applications. We offer small servo drives and modules for AGVs, AMRs, underwater vehicles, ROV, robotics and more!

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ESI Motion provides advanced solutions that have been field tested, proven and deployed on many types of military and commercial platforms.

ESI Motion‘s technology has unmatched reliability, offering one-stop motion control solutions for OEMs and End-users that require the same quality and reliability that we have provided to the defense and aerospace for many years. Our servo drive modules come with built-in GUI (Graphical User Interface) and oscilloscope features for ease-of-use. Our drives are small, powerful and reliable – perfect for robotics applications!

ESI Motion’s engineers and staff can support your motion control requirements, either in-house or at your facility, for faster and successful deployment.

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