Celebrating Independence Day With A Look Back


Celebrating Independence Day With A Look Back

How The Revolutionary War Might Look Today

This summer we will be celebrating 239 years of freedom in this great country! July 4th is easily one of the most recognizable dates, as well as one of the most celebrated holidays. All across the country families will be firing up the grill, playing baseball, and launching fireworks in honor of the original men and women who gave their lives, and the incredible country that arose after the war.

The 1700s were a time of great change, and military technology of the time was quite impressive. Here at ESI, we couldn’t help but wonder how things might have been different if today’s technology had been available at the time of the revolutionary war. Certainly things like Twitter would have been alight with updates, but how would our precision servos have changed the landscape? Let’s take a look at how things have changed…

Water Warfare, Ships & Cannons!

During this time cannons were the most popular large-scale weapons, causing devastating effects on its targets. Unlike today, however, all tasks related to aiming and firing a cannon had to be done by hand, without the aid of engines, motors, or other machinery. While ground forces used cannons to break through fortress walls and structures, one of the most effective applications was aboard warships. Firing a cannon from an 18th century vessel was no easy task, and actually hitting a moving target was an incredible challenge.

On flat, steady ground, it required a good amount of work to aim the iron cannons. It often required several men to maneuver the enormous artillery into position, complicated further by the movement of the ocean and the target itself.

Today, thanks to powerful motors and control systems like those from ESI’s collection, aiming and firing the modern day equivalent happens much more quickly and with higher accuracy than ever before. If revolutionary soldiers had access to these systems they would likely have a decisive edge in the war!

Modern Unmanned Systems

Possibly the biggest difference between today’s methods and that of the revolutionary war is the ability to remove men from the fight. This technology is still new, and isn’t right for every situation, but in many cases, modern wars can be fought remotely.

Servos play an important role in these systems, from flight controls on a drone to guidance systems and aiming mechanisms on an unmanned gun. These highly precise devices can help keep our soldiers safe, and with drives from ESI the applications are virtually unlimited. Even in the most extreme and demanding environments, our vehicles can operate at full functionality, and withstand the most brutal conditions without fail.

Celebrate Independence & Advancement

Without the sacrifices made by the brave soldiers of the revolutionary war, we would not be living in the world we know today. ESI Motion is proud to be an American company, and honored to be a part of the future of our nation. Happy Fourth of July from the ESI Motion team!