ESI Motion Celebrates World Space Week 2023: Space and Entrepreneurship


ESI Motion Celebrates World Space Week 2023: Space and Entrepreneurship

ESI Motion World Space Week 2023 

This Week of October 4-10, ESI Motion celebrates the annual World Space Week, which is a global celebration of space research and peaceful uses of the universe. World Space Week was started in 1999 by the UN General Assembly as a way to promote international collaboration in the peaceful use and exploration of space while also increasing public awareness of the advantages of space science and technology. In order to spark interest in space, highlight the most recent developments in space research, and inspire young people to consider careers in space-related fields, space agencies, educational institutions, and organizations from all over the world participate in a variety of activities during this week. World Space Week underscores the significance of space exploration in addressing global challenges and advancing our understanding of the universe.


This year's theme for World Space Week is “Space and Entrepreneurship” to celebrate the growing commercial space ecosystem and inspire the next generation of space entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship in Space perfectly describes the impact that ESI Motion has created in the Space Industry. ESI Motion has been revolutionizing space technology for many years and has helped change the space market controlling motor and systems that have completed multiple missions. Building off success and heritage in industries like defense, aerospace, naval, energy, robotics, and specialized industrial applications; ESI Motion quickly realized their industry leading technology could help change the landscape of motion control in space.


Space exploration has always posed some of the most difficult engineering challenges ever faced by scientists. ESI Motion has emerged as an industry leader in the delivery of precision servo drive systems operating reliably in even the harshest environments outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Lunar, interplanetary and space exploration are achievable thanks to improved system components.


The motor control systems installed in vehicles and other equipment utilized for space exploration have to be capable of operating under extreme conditions. Some of the operational parameters that these systems must adhere to are:

  • Weight and size restrictions
  • Tolerance of high vibration
  • Capable of performing accurately under temperature extremes
  • Resistance to radiation and magnetic disruption
  • Ability to repeat the same action with precision and reliability
  • Efficient use of energy

We have the experience and expertise to provide the solutions you need!


ESI Motion engineers have partnered with numerous laboratories, research institutions and other agencies to provide motor control solutions that precisely suit each client’s distinctive requirements.


Our space proven servo drive off-the-shelf technology saves our clients time to market and costs without sacrificing quality or support. In addition to providing a wide range of off-the-shelf servo drives and modules, we deliver advanced solutions to satisfy mission critical applications. This makes our team uniquely qualified to support the most advanced technical requirements for LEO, GEO and MEO applications.


The spirit of entrepreneurship has launched our company to grow rapidly and build our products for clients worldwide. Since ESI Motion has been a player in the Space Industry, we have supported programs with Companies leading the charge including NASA (Lunar Vehicles), Sierra Space (Dream Chaser), Lockheed Martin (Tranche 2), Northrop Grumman (Classified Program), Blue Origin (New Shepard) and many more in the United States as well as working with companies in the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, etc. Our Products of industry-leading motion control build to operate precisely in the harshest of environments of this planet and in space. To learn more about how ESI Motion can find you a space motion control solution, Contact Us.

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