Future of Space Travel


Future of Space Travel

The future of space travel includes continued exploration of our solar system by robotic spacecraft, as well as the development of new technologies to enable human exploration of Mars and other destinations. Companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin are working on reusable rockets and spacecraft to lower the cost of access to space. NASA's Artemis program aims to land the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024, and establish a sustainable presence on the lunar surface. Long-term goals include sending humans to Mars and establishing a permanent presence there. The development of new propulsion systems, such as nuclear thermal propulsion, could also enable faster and more efficient interplanetary travel in the future.


ESI Motion’s Role

ESI Motion engineers have partnered with numerous laboratories, research institutions and other agencies to provide motor control solutions that precisely suit each client’s distinctive requirements. In addition to providing a wide range of off-the-shelf servo drives and modules, we deliver advanced solutions to satisfy mission critical applications. This makes our team uniquely qualified to support the most advanced technical requirements for LEO and GEO applications.

ESI Motion has different products conducting important tasks when it comes to space travel and space exploration while partnering with the biggest names in the Aerospace and Space industry. With the goals of reusable rockets and spacecrafts, our products are built to last and withstand challenges time and time again in the most critical situations where precision and timing can be a new discovery or life and death.

Engine Thrust Control: Scorpion

Light Launch Rocket Valve Control: Mite

Satellite Positioning System: NOVA, SuperNova, Mite

Mirror Gimbal Test Setup: Mite

Space Vehicle Wing Control: NOVA

Space Vehicle Multiple-Axis Actuation Control Unit: NOVA, SuperNova

Lunar Vehicles: Proton, Atom, SuperNova


How ESI Motion Can Help

Space exploration has always posed some of the most difficult engineering challenges ever faced by scientists. ESI Motion has emerged as an industry leader in the delivery of precision servo drive systems operating reliably in even the harshest environments outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Lunar, interplanetary and space exploration are achievable thanks to improved system components.

ESI Motion’s COTS Space Products are fielded, space-ready products. This is a great solution to reduce your program's costs and time to market without sacrificing quality and power!


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