How Servo Drives Are Used in Renewable Energy Applications


How Servo Drives Are Used in Renewable Energy Applications

Renewable energy is sustainable energy powered by the sun or wind, and the industry is making great strides to reduce non-sustainable sources, such as coal or oil. Both wind and solar energy farms are all about moving parts that create the energy, and the components that drive these clean sources of power have to operate for prolonged periods in often extreme conditions. With the advances in renewable energy comes the need for advanced servo drives and motor control systems. As the leader in this technology, ESI Motion’s products help power America.

Servo Drives for Solar and Wind Energy

Solar energy farms are impressive with their broad array of solar panels positioned over a vast area. The panels transform the sun’s energy into power in two different ways; photovoltaic (or electricity) and solar thermal, which powers heating. The solar panels are programmed to move with the sun in precise degrees to capture as much of the sun’s power as possible. To do this, a servo drive is required to direct the motor to move at the precise time at different angles and directions.

Wind farms have picturesque windmills that stand at the height of at least 262 feet, and their giant blades have to be precisely positioned to catch the wind to drive the turbine with maximum efficiency. The “nacelle” at the top of the tall steel tower houses the shaft, gearbox, generator, and controls. Measurements are collected, and the servo drive controls and directs the turbine to rotate and face the strongest wind at the optimal angle or pitch.

ESI Motion Solutions for Renewable Energy Applications

ESI servo drives and control systems are designed to comply with a wide range of energy specifications and have several advantages over other servo drives, including:

  • Compact size – a servo drive that is small enough to fit in your pocket while delivering uncompromising performance and accuracy.
  • Lightweight design – a wide range of drives designed to be incredibly lightweight to ensure ease of mobility.
  • High accuracy resolver feedback – our component accuracy ensures performance you can count on, even in the most demanding environments from extreme temperatures to high vibrations.
  • Wide operating temperature range – our extended operational temperature range goes from -55ºC to 121ºC

As extreme temperatures and high vibrations are common on solar and wind farms, you need products that can withstand rugged conditions while delivering powerful performance, such as our exceptionally small Atom, in both a Dual Axis Mite and Single Axis Mite servo drive modules. They are the most unique extreme-duty servo modules on the market due to their durable control and power drive at a fraction of the size and weight of units with similar capabilities. And, our servo drives are so powerful that they are also used in drones, UAV’s, satellites, antenna positioners, robotics, and more!

If you need a larger higher power drive, check out our Draco Servo drive!

Maintaining the Highest Certification Standards

The entire ESI team is committed to delivering unmatched service and support to our clients. We are very familiar with the AS9100D certification process and integrate it throughout every stage of engineering, design, manufacturing, and delivery. Additionally, our quality assurance programs are rooted in the Six Sigma and Total Quality Management philosophies to deliver zero defects, quality design, and driving continuous improvement for our clients.

Let ESI Motion Help You Deliver the Power of Energy

Our team is ready to assist you with innovative solutions in renewable energy. To learn more about the modules, products, and engineering services we provide, please contact ESI Motion today by calling 800.823.3235 or email You can also reach out to us on our contact page.

Whether your needs are energy, commercial, industrial, aviation, space, naval, maritime, military, defense, or aerospace, we have the rugged servo drive to fit your needs. Contact us today to let us know your unique needs and how we can help you achieve your goals!