How The Future Looks – Unmanned Vehicles


How The Future Looks – Unmanned Vehicles

Every day it seems that technology takes another leap, and unmanned vehicles are no exception. From self-driving cars to delivery drones, unmanned vehicles are the future. Unmanned systems perform missions and operations on land, in the air, and by sea without human intervention. They will transform the future of many different industries as they offer greater flexibility, lower operating costs, perform dangerous missions, and increase convenience for consumers.

As the world leader in rugged servo drives, ESI Motion’s products are a real engineering achievement. Widely used in industries, such as military, robotics, automotive, aviation, energy, farming, and aerospace, our servo drives are made and designed to perform. Our state-of-the-art servo drives are leading the way in the future of unmanned vehicles.

How ESI Motion’s Servo Drives Can Help You Advance into the Future

ESI Motion has engineered some of the best servo drive systems in the world. Our rugged servo drives are developed for specialized applications where size, weight, and power are critical. The following highlights how our servo drives have advanced the work of many industry sectors, and we will continue to lead the way into the future.

Energy– Both wind and solar energy farms are about moving parts that create energy. The components that drive these clean sources of power have to operate for prolonged periods in often extreme conditions. With the advances in renewable energy comes the need for advanced servo drives and motor control systems designed to comply with a wide range of energy specifications. Our servo drives have several advantages over other servo drives, including their compact size, lightweight design, highly accurate resolver feedback, and wide operating temperature. As the leader in servo drive technology, ESI Motion’s products help power America.

Search and Rescue Robots – When lives are on the line, timing is everything, and robots provide many disaster response benefits. A crucial part of how robots operate in these situations is rugged servo drives. Our engineers have designed servo drive modules that are dependable, rugged, highly accurate, and are designed to perform in harsh environments. They precisely calculate trajectory, velocity, position, and torque needed in a recovery rescue mission. ESI Motion knows that when lives are in danger, the right product can make all the difference.

Farming – A labor-intensive industry, farming tasks such as seeding, weeding, fertilizing, irrigating, and harvesting have all been done by hand. But now, farming is undergoing an agricultural transformation with unmanned systems. ESI Motion’s servo drives and motor control systems have the rugged power to support driverless tractors, robotics for seeding, weeding, harvesting, and drones for fertilization and problem identification.

Military – Engineering advanced military defense solutions on the ground, in the air, or at sea is a pressing need in today’s world. Gathering intelligence about what is going on in various parts of the world is a vital aspect of keeping people safe. Both drone technology and unmanned vehicles are critical to gaining the advantage in global conflicts, in gathering intelligence, and assessing damage from military battles. Defense vehicles and drones require components that provide consistent and dependable operation. ESI has worked with defense organizations to provide servo drives which meet or exceed the requirements of defense applications. ESI servo drives feature ruggedized packaging for extreme performance in any situation.

Space Exploration – Space exploration poses some of the most complex engineering challenges ever faced due to extreme temperatures, extreme atmospheric and G-Force pressures, and rigorous performance requirements. ESI Motion has emerged as the industry leader in delivering precision servo drive systems that are reliable in even the harshest environments in and have servo drives currently operating in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications and beyond. We build some of the world’s most technologically advanced servo drives on the market, powering mission-critical applications for space systems.

Drone Technology – Drones seem to be just about everywhere these days, and they are being used in new and innovative ways. Drones that are equipped with one of our rugged servo drives can assist people around the world by delivering packages to your door, assessing disaster areas not safe for humans, speedily transporting medicine and medical equipment, helping fight wildfires, and even tracking disease-spreading mosquitoes.

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