LEO & GEO Servo Controllers in 9 Months or Less!


LEO & GEO Servo Controllers in 9 Months or Less!

Need a LEO/GEO Controller? In 9 Months or Less?
ESI Motion has Your Solution!
LEO & GEO Servo Controllers - NOVA and SuperNova

Both the NOVA and SuperNova Servo Drives are Developed Specifically For Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Equatorial Orbit (GEO) Motion Control Applications!

Both extremely lightweight controllers are available in a Dual-Axis Configuration and are two of the smallest Servo Drives for Space Applications on the Market Today. These Versatile Servo Drives are ideal for high performance space applications operating in a vacuum and in a high vibration environment, where efficiency and weight are critical.


Radiation Tolerant Available for Both Products

Brushless, Brushed, & Stepper Motor Controllers Available

Custom Solutions Available*

Applications Included:
- Solar Array Deployment
- Beam Director
- Optical Pointing Precision
- Wing Deployment


Don't Risk Your Mission with the Wrong Solution or Delays! With ESI Motion, get to Market Fast with a Reliable Product! 


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*timeline of delivery can be over advertised time depending on Specifications given.