Low Earth Orbit Servo Drives


Low Earth Orbit Servo Drives

At ESI Motion, we build some of the world’s most technologically advanced, performance-optimized servo drives on the market, powering mission-critical applications in industries ranging from robotics to deep-sea drilling to aerospace. All of our servo drives are built to deliver consistent best-in-class performance no matter how difficult the operating environment, and we strive for the smallest possible form factor for maximum power density. Size and weight efficiency is vital across almost all servo drive applications, but nowhere is it more critical than space applications like low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites – and our revolutionary NOVA servo drive is engineered specifically to excel against the unique challenges LEO systems.

The NOVA LEO Satellite Servo Drive

Space flight is the ultimate engineering challenge, not least because the cost of transporting only 1 lb of payload into space is currently in the range of $10,000. Accordingly, size and weight are two of the primary considerations for any component of a Low Earth Orbit system. Thankfully, the NOVA drive delivers. Our NOVA servo drive comes in a chassis measuring only 4.0″ x 3.5″ x 1.9″ and weighs less than 2 lbs, but can deliver up to 100W of output power per axis and reach electrical speeds up to 75,000 RPM. It’s one of the smallest space-ready servo drives on the market today, making it ideal for LEO applications.

But form factor isn’t the only consideration when it comes to space systems: equally important is durability, resistance, and compliance. The journey from Earth’s surface to low Earth orbit is a bumpy one, subjecting any onboard components to extreme shocks and vibration. Once in low Earth orbit, payloads will be subjected to high levels of radiation, and any LEO equipment will need to survive these increased radiation levels for its full-service lifetime. As a leader in ruggedized servo drives, ESI Motion built the NOVA servo drive to be radiation tolerant with shock-resistant housings, allowing it to maintain optimal performance even in high-vibration vacuum environments. NOVA is fully ruggedized for space applications and requires no additional cooling, making it ideal for LEO applications.

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The space-ready NOVA servo drive is custom-designed and engineered to perfectly adapt to the demands of low Earth orbit spaceflight, making it a powerful choice for LEO satellite applications right out of the box. Have more questions about the NOVA drive or want to know more about how we can build custom servo drives for your specific needs? Contact us today to learn more about our servo drives or discuss your next project. We look forward to hearing from you!