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Nova & SuperNova

Due to their high-performance standards, harsh temperatures, and atmospheric and G-force pressures, space exploration and aeronautical operations present challenging technical challenges. In Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and outer-space applications, ESI Motion has established itself as the market leader in providing precise servo drive systems that are dependable in even the toughest situations.

The most cutting-edge technical applications can be supported by our team with unmatched expertise. Extreme conditions must be met for the motor control systems of vehicles and other space exploration equipment to function. These systems' operational parameters include things like:

- Weight and size restrictions

- Tolerance of high vibration

- Capable of performing accurately under temperature extremes

- Resistance to radiation and magnetic disruption

- Ability to repeat the same action with precision and reliability

- Efficient use of energy

Size and weight efficiency are vital across almost all servo drive applications, but nowhere is it more critical than space applications like low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. ESI Motion built the revolutionary NOVA servo drive specifically to excel against the unique challenges of LEO systems. And now, SuperNova has been built specifically to excel in both space and low earth orbit systems. The journey from Earth’s surface to low Earth orbit and beyond is not a smooth one, and it subjects onboard components to extreme shocks, vibration, and high varying levels of radiation. The NOVA and SuperNova servo drives are radiation tolerant and contain shock-resistant housings to maintain optimal performance in high-vibration vacuum environments.

The NOVA Servo Drive is developed specifically for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Motion Control Applications. This extremely lightweight controller is available in a dual-axis configuration and is one of the smallest servo drives for space applications on the market today. This versatile servo drive is ideal for high performance space applications operating in a vacuum and in a high vibration environment, where efficiency and weight are critical. The NOVA has been field proven in several space applications and is now part of the biggest programs in the industry.

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As the next step, ESI Motion has created and manufactured the SuperNova. SuperNova is set to lead the industry with its specifically designed for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) motion control applications. The SuperNova is a low profile, lightweight, Radiation Tolerant Dual-Axis Servo Controller. It is one of the few COTS servo drives for a high-performance space application on the market today! The safety-critical SuperNova is based on DO-178C baselined software, which can be tailored to your requirements. SuperNova now includes Multiple Feedback options including multiple Serial Encoder options, Resolver and Hall as well as multiple communication interfaces that are Configurable, user-friendly GUI with Integrated Oscilloscope.

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Let ESI Motion Help You with the Demands of Space Systems

The servo drives that support many other industries, such as military defense, energy applications, and medical technology, are leading the way in space systems. Our team is ready to assist you with innovative solutions in space systems. To learn more about the modules, products, and engineering services we provide, please contact ESI Motion today by calling +1.800.823.3235 or email You can also reach out to us on our contact page.

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