Product Highlight: Atom Servo Drive Modules


Product Highlight: Atom Servo Drive Modules

At ESI Motion, we understand the importance of precision. Whether using a servo drive for military, robotics, automotive, aviation, or other specialized applications, our servo drives are made and designed to perform! As a world leader in rugged servo drives, ESI Motion’s Atom is our newest, dual-axis module, designed to operate in small applications without sacrificing any power.

Uses for the Atom Servo Drive Module

The dual-axis Atom is ultra-lightweight and compact (not much bigger than a quarter) allowing it to be configured for a variety of applications where size is critical. With options to include input voltages, output current amplitudes, as well as feedback devices and features like dual or paralleled axis configuration, a wide temperature range, among many more, the applications that this rugged servo drive can be used in is seemingly endless.

Our servo drive modules are designed and manufactured in our industry-leading facility in California, USA and are in compliance with a wide range of military as well as industry standards. With its rugged, field tested controller and it’s high-efficiency wide-bandgap semiconductor-based power driver, the Atom can be incorporated into just about any project – from an attack helicopter turret drive or robotic arm positioner to radar systems and airborne antenna stabilizers.

If you need a small, powerful servo drive for your application, we’re confident that the Atom with its compact, ultra-lightweight, rugged design is up to the task. The Atom is fully customizable and configurable to meet any envelope or size needs.

Learn How the Atom Servo Drive Module Can Help You

Contact us today to learn more about the Atom and how it can help you overcome even the toughest engineering challenges. We look forward to helping you tackle whatever engineering challenge you may have!