Product Highlight: Mite Servo Drive


Product Highlight: Mite Servo Drive

When single or dual axis precision and power are needed in a small package, turn to ESI Motion and check out our Mite Servo Drive Modules. Both the single and dual axis Mite Servo Drives are designed to perform in extreme environments.

Single-Axis Mite Servo Drive

Where single motor control is the focus; the single-axis Mite is ideal. With its ability to control speed and position, regardless of the load weight, it’s the ideal servo drive for precise and specialized applications.

Offering multiple feedback interface options like Encoder, Sensorless, Resolver, Hall, and BiSS-C allows for a user friendly and configurable platform. Knowing that the user can select feedback options without compromising power is another one of its exceptional features.

The Single Axis Mite is 2/3 the size of its brother, the dual-axis Mite and still sustains its high efficiency and light weight features. That isn’t to say the Dual Axis Mite Series isn’t also impressive in its own right.

Dual-Axis Mite Servo Drive

Packaged in a potted plastic case, the dual-axis Mite is ruggedized to perform in highly volatile and extreme environments. The compact design enables it to be a fraction of the size and weight of the competition, ESI Motion’s dual-axis Mite is one of the most unique and reliable modules available on the market.

Versatile and precise, our dual-axis Mite is ideal for any job where size, weight, as well as precision are of the utmost importance. Engineered with the extreme and diminutive conditions of automotive, aviation, military, robotic, and any other specialized industrial application in mind.

Both the single and dual-axis Mite servo drive modules are perfect for applications where Size, Weight and Power (SwaP) are critical, offering high-power density, configurability and a user-friendly GUI with built-in scope features designed to perform in challenging environments.

Create the Ideal Mite Servo Drives for Your Project’s Needs

Configurable as they are compact, our Mite servo drive modules can be customized to your needs for any project. Contact us and we will help you determine which of the Mite servo drive modules are right for your needs.