Proton and Atom in Action


Proton and Atom in Action

Power in the Palm of Your Hand:

A Servo Drive Module is a compact, self-contained unit that combines the functions of a Servo Drive and a servo motor in one package. It is a convenient and integrated solution for motion control applications where space is limited. ESI Motion’s Servo Drive Systems are designed for precision military, aviation, automotive, robotics, and specialized industrial applications where size and weight are critical for application success. Thanks to top tier engineering, and manufacturing ESI Motion has been able to create Servo Drive Modules that are two to ten times lighter than anyone else in the industry with the ability to performance constantly in a wide temperature range of environments and the ruggedized to match. These qualities have lead the Proton and Atom to bring our clients a great deal of success in their respected missions. Both are designed and manufactured in ESI Motion’s USA facility and complies with a wide range of military and industry standards. Options include a selection of input voltages, output current amplitudes, and feedback devices. It comes with an industry benchmark user interface allowing the most flexible and precise system integration and control. Our Single-Axis Proton is a high-performance digital servo controller that can source 50 Amps with an 80 VDC bus to drive the most demanding applications. Our Dual-Axis Atom incorporates field proven rugged controller and high efficiency wide-bandgap semiconductor-based power driver modules and offers multiple configurations. With 100A packed into a very small package, the Atom is a powerful solution for your application.

Proton and Atom in Action:

We can see Proton and Atom have taken part in many different missions across all different industries. From Land all the way into Space, Proton and Atom have show their wide range of capabilities.


- Antenna Control and Stabilization
- Radar Systems


- Attack Helicopter Turret Drive
- Airborne Antenna Control and Stabilization
- Military Drones


- Lunar Vehicles

Commercial & Industrial

- Animatronics
- Medical Robotics
- Commercial Drones
- Mineral Detection


Let ESI Motion Help You with the Demands of your Industry:

The servo drive controllers that support other industries, such as military defense, aerospace applications, and medical technology are available to you NOW! Our team is ready to assist you with innovative solutions in all different types of industries and missions. To learn more about the Proton, Atom, other products, and engineering services we provide, please contact ESI Motion today by calling +1.800.823.3235 or email You can also reach out to us on our contact page.

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