Servo Drives for Every Motor


Servo Drives for Every Motor

When looking for a motion controller, there are different options of servo drives to choose from, each designed for specific applications and types of motors.

Here are the main types:

AC Servo Drives:

    • Designed for AC servo motors.
    • Often used in applications requiring high power and precision.
    • Suitable for industrial automation, robotics, and CNC machinery.

DC Servo Drives:

    • Designed for DC servo motors.
    • Common in applications where precise speed and position control are required.
    • Used in robotics, conveyor systems, and other automated machinery.

Brushless Servo Drives:

    • Used with brushless DC motors (BLDC).
    • Offer high efficiency and low maintenance due to the lack of brushes.
    • Common in applications needing high reliability and performance.

Linear Servo Drives:

    • Control linear motors.
    • Provide direct linear motion without the need for mechanical transmission.
    • Used in high-precision applications like semiconductor manufacturing and precision machining.

Digital Servo Drives:

    • Use digital signal processing (DSP) to control the motor.
    • Provide precise and programmable control.
    • Often feature advanced functionalities such as network communication and diagnostics.

Analog Servo Drives:

    • Use analog signals for control.
    • Simpler and sometimes more cost-effective for basic applications.
    • Used in applications where advanced features of digital drives are not necessary.

Stepper Servo Drives:

    • Combine features of stepper motors and servo control.
    • Provide high torque at low speeds and smooth operation.
    • Used in applications like 3D printers and small CNC machines.

Each type of servo drive is selected based on the specific requirements of the application, including the type of motor, precision needed, power requirements, and control features. Most ESI Motion Servo Drives have the capability to work with multiple different motors types and we have the ability to provide Modified and Customized Solutions to meet all requirements of your program. Our comprehensive approach to problem-solving allows us to deliver end-to-end solutions as well as exceptional engineering support to many different industries.

As an industry leader, ESI Motion possesses the know-how, experience, and support to help you achieve your mission goals while ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your equipment. ESI Motion has years of experience providing motion control for a vary of Space, Defense and Commercial Applications! 

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