Servo Drives For Robotic Applications


Servo Drives For Robotic Applications

Servo Drives For Robotic Applications

Servo drives are necessary in most industries where motor control systems must perform with a high degree of precision, and they are especially useful in robotics applications. When humans control a motor, as in many aerospace or defense applications such as fighter jet pilots controlling the aileron, he can adjust his application of power to account for changes in the environment. In robotics, however, the robot itself may apply power autonomously. This can present a serious obstacle if unanticipated circumstances occur.

How Servo Drives Make Robots Smarter

Robotic systems acting autonomously are usually unable to detect and respond to changes in motor performance the way humans do. Unless the robot’s operating system is programmed to respond to feedback from the motor, this means the robot is applying power “blindly” and does not know to adjust power if the motor performs unexpectedly. Servo drives eliminate this problem, by responding to motor feedback automatically and adjusting power to compensate for unexpected motor performance, servo drives ensure that the motor runs smoothly and consistently.

Uncompromising Performance In Harsh Environments

In addition, robotics systems often require peak performance in extreme, harsh environmental conditions. Because robots are often used in environments where humans cannot survive, they face extreme temperatures, atmospheric pressures and long operating lifespans. This is particularly true in space applications such as planetary rovers. Also, many robots must take measurements and samples with extreme precision.

ESI Motion’s servo drives meet and exceed all of these requirements. Our drives are designed and manufactured to withstand the most extreme operating environments, with products capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 121ºC and operating in both no-pressure and high-pressure environments. Our products range from 1kW to 100kW output power, therefore, finding the right drive for your application is easy to find. ESI drives also utilize high-accuracy Sensorless, Encoder, Resolver, Hall and BiSS feedback options, affording incredible precision and accuracy in a diverse range of specialized industrial applications and environments.

Contact Your Servo Drive Experts

Whether you are using a robotics system in a manufacturing clean room, the bottom of the ocean or on an entirely different planet, ESI Motion’s servo drives will deliver power, reliability and accuracy in any situation. For more information on the drives, modules and engineering services ESI Motion has to offer, view our product lines or find out more about the industries we serve. If you would like to find out how ESI Motion products and services can enhance your project, call us at 800.823.3235 or reach out to us on our contact page.