Servo Drives in Military Drones AKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Servo Drives in Military Drones AKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Advancements in technology span far and wide. Developments have progressed from using a flip phone to the smart devices we all know and have learned to love. Advancements in technology can be found in unlikely places as well, like in drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

As military advancements and warfare has become more complex so has the way the world combats it. At ESI Motion we’re proud that our servo drives have helped keep those on the front lines safe in new and innovative ways. You may be surprised by all the ways our rugged servo drives have been implemented.

Gathering intelligence about what is going on in various parts of the world is a vital aspect of keeping not only those on the front lines safe but others as well. These drones and UAVs allow for long-range missions and can take off and land remotely.

Our rugged servo drives in these drones and UAVs are used to control actuators, motors, gimbals, and other moving parts!

Rugged Servo Drives in Unique UAV Uses

The motion controls our servo drives offer also allow the military to assess damage from a recent battle or a natural disaster in order to provide more clear and concise information to all those on the ground.

Are you surprised at all by all the ways our servo drives help the military achieve their goals and ensure safety for others? We’re proud of all the uses our servo drives have from UAVs and drones to our exceptionally small Atom, Dual Axis Mite and Single Axis Mite used in satellites, antenna positioners, robotics, and more!

Whether your needs are military or defense, naval or maritime, aerospace, space, energy, aviation, or commercial and industrial we have the rugged servo drive to fit your needs. Contact us today and let us know what your unique needs are and how we can help you achieve your goals!

How Can ESI Motion’s Servo Drives Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Atom Servo Drive Module Can Be
Used In Military UAVs