Servo Drives In Military Drones AKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Servo Drives In Military Drones AKA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Advancements in technology span far and wide. Developments have progressed from using a flip phone to the smart devices we all know and have learned to love. Advancements in technology can be found in unlikely places as well, like in drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

As military advancements and warfare have become more complex so has the way the world combats it. At ESI Motion we’re proud that our servo drives have helped keep those on the front lines safe in new and innovative ways. You may be surprised by all the ways our rugged servo drives have been implemented.


Servo drives play a crucial role in the operation of military drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). These devices are a type of motor controller that precisely control the movement of servomechanisms, such as actuators and motors, to achieve specific positions, speeds, and torque levels.

In the context of military drones, servo drives are employed for various critical functions:

Flight Control: Military drones heavily rely on servo drives to control the movement of control surfaces, such as ailerons, elevators, and rudders. By adjusting the position of these control surfaces, the drone can maneuver, stabilize, and change its flight trajectory.

Gimbal Stabilization: Many military drones are equipped with gimbals that hold cameras, sensors, or weapon systems. Servo drives are used to stabilize these gimbals, ensuring that they remain steady and can accurately track targets or capture images and videos.

Payload Manipulation: Drones used in military applications often carry payloads like missiles, bombs, or other specialized equipment. Servo drives are utilized to precisely control the deployment and release of these payloads, enabling accurate targeting and delivery.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance: Servo drives are employed in drones' camera systems to pan, tilt, and zoom, allowing operators to control the camera's field of view and focus on specific areas of interest.

Autonomous Control: In advanced military drones, servo drives are integrated into the autopilot systems. These drives enable the drone to maintain stable flight and respond to changes in environmental conditions without constant manual input.

Safety and Redundancy: Servo drives in military drones are often designed with redundancy features to enhance safety and reliability. Redundancy ensures that critical functions can still be performed even if one drive fails.

Stealth and Agility: The precise control offered by servo drives allows military drones to achieve high levels of agility and stealth during missions. This agility is particularly valuable in combat scenarios, where the drone may need to perform quick and precise maneuvers to avoid threats.

Servo drives are a fundamental component in military drone technology, contributing to their versatility, precision, and effectiveness in a wide range of military applications, including reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition, and strike missions. As drone technology continues to evolve, advancements in servo drive technology will likely lead to even more capable and sophisticated military UAVs.


Are you surprised at all by all the ways our servo drives help the military achieve their goals and ensure safety for others? We’re proud of all the uses our servo drives have from UAVs and drones and how our Servo Drives from Proton and Atom to ESI Motion’s Rogue Servo Drive are making a difference in the air, on land, and under the sea. Our products are also used by the military and defense in satellites, antenna positioners, robotics, and more! All in the effort of keeping our country safe!

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