Servo Drives Play A Big Role In Search And Rescue Robots


Servo Drives Play A Big Role In Search And Rescue Robots

Over 100,000,000 people are affected by disasters every year. Search and rescue missions pose a severe risk to both the victims and rescuers. Governments, aid organizations, and companies all work to keep casualties to a minimum as they send in rescuers to disasters. In recent years, the tool they have turned to, to help in search and rescue missions is robots.

When lives are on the line, timing is everything, and robots provide many disaster response benefits. Robots can operate in environments that people can’t. They fit into spaces that would be difficult or impossible for humans. They don’t need rest, and they can be sent into situations that are too dangerous for rescue workers. And, most importantly, unlike people, they are replaceable.

ESI Motion knows that when lives are in danger, the right product can make all the difference. A crucial part of how robots operate in these situations are rugged servo drives. Our engineers have designed servo drive modules that are considered to be the most powerful in the industry. They are dependable, rugged, highly accurate, and are designed to perform in harsh environments.

How Servo Drives Work to Help Save Lives

A servo motor and a servo drive work in tandem in robotics. A servo motor is the driver behind the robot, while the servo drive is the brain that tells the motor what to do at lightning speed, and in search and rescue, speed is everything. Servo drives are responsible for motion control. They precisely calculate the trajectory, velocity, position, and torque needed in recovery and then send those command signals to the motor.

ESI Motion has engineered servo drive systems for specialized industrial applications where size and weight are critical, such as search and rescue robots, military operations, aviation, and automotive. Two such servo drives are the Atom and Mite series, ESI Motion’s Atom is an ultra-lightweight, compact-sized servo drive system that incorporates a proven rugged controller and high-efficiency wide-bandgap semiconductor-based power drive modules. The user interface system provides the most flexible and precise system integration and control. There are multiple configurations that can be added, including selecting input voltages, output current amplitudes, and feedback devices.

The ESI Motion Mite is available in single axis, single parrallel and dual axis. The dual axis Mite is one of the most unique extreme-duty servo modules on the market. It is a combination of both durable control and power drive modules that offer an extremely rugged solution at a fraction of the size and weight of units with similar capabilities.

The single axis Mite is ideal for specialized applications that control one motor. The module controls the speed, position, and precision regardless of the load. And, since it is designed for single motor control, there is a significant reduction in development time and costs.

Let ESI Motion Help You Deliver Powerful Life-Saving Solutions

To learn more about the modules, products, and engineering services we provide, please contact ESI Motion today by calling 800.823.3235 or email You can also reach out to us on our contact us page. Our team of engineers is ready to assist you with innovative solutions in motion control to aid in search and rescue efforts. The work you do is hazardous with lives at stake, and you need a system that works reliably every single time. Contact us today!