The Technical Challenges of Deep Sea Exploration


The Technical Challenges of Deep Sea Exploration

The Technical Challenges Facing Deep Sea Exploration and Development

Exploring the distant corners of the globe might sound like the stuff of adventure novels, but to the engineers developing subsea machinery, extreme exploration is just part of the job. In many ways, engineers working to solve the problems facing deep sea explorers are helping transform our knowledge of the planet and its many systems.

The deep sea environment poses a number of complicated problems to scientists, energy developers, telecommunications engineers, and others that leading technical minds are working to solve. ESI Motion has developed components for use in extreme machinery systems like those used in undersea exploration vehicles. We believe that the right technical solutions can help drive the innovations required to further this important area of study.

An Unknown Frontier

The deep sea environment presents even more questions and challenges than space exploration does. Many challenging factors must be negotiated when developing systems for the subsea machinery used for research, exploration, and other applications. These can include the following:

  • An expectation to work consistently and reliably for thousands of hours without maintenance support
  • The highly corrosive nature of sea water
  • The extreme pressure exerted on all equipment components in the deep ocean
  • Insufficient, unreliable, or prohibitively expensive power supplies
  • The complex processes undertaken by exploration and extraction machines

As ocean exploration progresses, we gain greater insight into the specific technological challenges facing future scientists and engineers. This information guides the development of new systems precisely designed for extreme environments.

The Ongoing Need For Innovation

Each subsea application that researchers, explorers, and technicians wish to develop creates its own web of challenges. The solutions that worked for one team may not be ideal for another. This is why ESI Motion works closely with each of our clients seeking personalized technology solutions. Our components come in a range of ruggedization levels to more precisely suit the factors affecting your project.

The Deep Sea Is The Next Site For Development

Although many questions about developing systems for operation in deep ocean environments remain to be answered, many organizations have stepped up to the challenge of developing systems that will function at extreme depths, and are actively searching for components that suit their needs. ESI Motion has developed components from the ground up that are able to withstand harsh environments. Our components are utilized in aerospace applications, oil and gas applications, military and defense concerns, and in other applications where durability and precision cannot be compromised.

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