Top 10 Applications for Servo Drives in Commercial Uses & ESI Motion's Solutions


Top 10 Applications for Servo Drives in Commercial Uses & ESI Motion's Solutions

Servo drives have a wide range of commercial applications across various industries, enabling precise control and automation.

Here are the top 10 applications for servo drives in commercial use:


Manufacturing and Factory Automation: Servo drives are extensively used in manufacturing machinery, including CNC machines, robotic arms, and conveyors, to ensure precise and repeatable movements in production processes.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom, MITEs, Scorpion, Draco


Packaging Machinery: Servo drives control the movement of packaging equipment, such as fillers, labelers, and cartoners, ensuring accurate and high-speed packaging of products.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom


Textile Machinery: In the textile industry, servo drives are employed in weaving, knitting, and embroidery machines, providing precise control over thread tension and fabric manipulation.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom


Printing and Paper Handling: Servo drives are used in printing presses, paper cutters, and folding machines to achieve accurate paper handling and printing registration.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom


Food Processing: Servo drives control food processing equipment, including slicers, mixers, and extruders, ensuring consistent product quality and packaging.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom


Automated Warehousing and Logistics: In distribution centers, servo drives are used in conveyor systems, robotic pick-and-place operations, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for efficient material handling.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom, MITEs, Scorpion


Semiconductor Manufacturing: Servo drives are integral to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, such as wafer handlers, lithography machines, and wire bonders, to maintain precision and cleanliness.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom


Medical Devices: Medical equipment, including surgical robots, diagnostic machines, and imaging devices, use servo drives to ensure precise movements during procedures and imaging processes.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom, MITEs


Textile Testing and Quality Control: Servo drives are employed in textile testing machines to apply controlled loads and measure fabric properties like tensile strength and elongation.

ESI Motion: Proton, Atom


Material Testing and Research: Servo drives are used in materials testing machines to apply controlled forces and strains for research and quality control purposes, including aerospace and automotive testing.

ESI Motion: Atom


These applications highlight the versatility and importance of servo drives in commercial settings, where precise control and automation are critical for improving efficiency, product quality, and competitiveness. ESI Motion's Servo Drives help businesses enhance their manufacturing processes and reduce operational costs. Our experience and technology provide businesses long term solutions that they can rely on for long day-to-day processes in the environment of their fields.

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