Why Servo Drives Are Crucial In Space Systems


Why Servo Drives Are Crucial In Space Systems

Space exploration and aerospace operations pose complex engineering challenges due to extreme temperatures, extreme atmospheric and G-Force pressures, and rigorous performance requirements. ESI Motion has emerged as the industry leader in delivering precision servo drive systems that are reliable in even the harshest environments in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and outer-space applications.

We build some of the world’s most technologically advanced servo drives on the market, powering mission-critical applications for space systems. All of our servo drives are made to deliver consistent best-in-class performance no matter how difficult the operating environment.

Satellite in Space

How Servo Drives Power Exploration and Discovery

Space flight is the ultimate engineering challenge, and the engineers at ESI Motion have partnered with numerous laboratories, research institutions, and other agencies to provide motor control solutions that precisely meet the distinctive requirements of mission-critical applications.

Our team is uniquely qualified to support the most advanced technical applications. The motor control systems installed in vehicles and other equipment utilized for space exploration have to operate under extreme conditions. Some of the operational parameters of these systems include:

  • Weight and size restrictions
  • Tolerance of high vibration
  • Capable of performing accurately under temperature extremes
  • Resistance to radiation and magnetic disruption
  • Ability to repeat the same action with precision and reliability
  • Efficient use of energy

Size and weight efficiency are vital across almost all servo drive applications, but nowhere is it more critical than space applications like low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. ESI Motion built the revolutionary NOVA servo drive specifically to excel against the unique challenges of LEO systems. The journey from Earth’s surface to low Earth orbit is not a smooth one, and it subjects onboard components to extreme shocks, vibration, and high varying levels of radiation. The NOVA servo drive is radiation tolerant and contains shock-resistant housings to maintain optimal performance in high-vibration vacuum environments.

Designing Servo Drives that Power Aerospace Systems

ESI works with the aerospace industry to develop innovative product solutions to meet their unique operating parameters. Aerospace operations are conducted in the upper atmosphere or space. Aerospace servo drives and motion control systems have been developed for some of the world’s most advanced aerospace vehicles that operate in the most demanding environments. Our rugged servo modules series is a line of light and compact controllers ideal for defense, aerospace, automotive, and robotics.

Smaller than a deck of cards, the Mite Series delivers unparalleled output power using modern servo precision technology and a powerful real-time graphical user interface. The series supports multiple feedback options and communication protocols, including CAN and RS422.

ESI Motion’s servo drives are used for precise operations, speed, energy efficiency, and outstanding dependability — that is why they have been selected for inclusion in some of the most technically advanced systems working today.

Let ESI Motion Help You With the Demands of Space Systems

The servo drives that support many other industries, such as military defense, energy applications, and medical technology, are leading the way in space systems. Our team is ready to assist you with innovative solutions in space systems. To learn more about the modules, products, and engineering services we provide, please contact ESI Motion today by calling 800.823.3235 or email sales@esimotion.com. You can also reach out to us on our contact page.