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I/O Board for the Mite Servo Drive Modules

The Mite I/O Board is an optional circuit board that may be purchased in addition to the Mite Servo Drive Module. The I/O Board provides users with a platform to use for system development that will mate with the Mite Servo Drive Module prior to the design of a user-defined board. The Mite I/O Board provides all connections necessary for motor control, with convenient lab environment connectors for each signal and voltage group.

Refer to the Mite Datasheet (ESI Document 100236) for the electrical characteristics of each signal and voltage.

A 5V regulator is used on the I/O Board to power both the Mite Servo Drive Module controller (VLOGIC) and external motor feedback devices (up to 2.5A).

Note: An I/O board that will be used with VDC_IN (VBUS) greater than 75V requires the 5V regulator to be disabled. An I/O Board purchased with a Mite Servo Drive Module that is rated for 170V will already have the 5V regulator disabled. In this case, a separate 5V input voltage must be supplied.



  • Facilitates fast initial integration and lab testing
  • Dual Axis (Motor A & Motor B)
  • 5V Power LED Indicators
  • Size: 4.0″L x 2.3″W x 0.35″D
  • Brake Drivers (accepts TTL brake commands from the Mite and provides output to the brakes)

Standard Connectors for:

  • VDC_IN
  • Motor A & B Power Outputs
  • Motor A & B Feedback
  • System/Communications
  • Brakes

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