What is a Single Axis Servo Drive Module


What is a Single Axis Servo Drive Module

At ESI Motion, we work hard to design some of the most rugged, reliable, and powerful servo drive modules in the world. Our products range from palm-sized single-axis drives to full-size drives with unmatched power outputs, and ESI Motion drives regularly excel in the most extreme, rugged operating environments on Earth and in space. While many applications require a robust servo drive capable of supplying enormous power and electrical speed, in other cases, size and space efficiency are chief concerns. In those situations, single axis servo drive modules are powerful solutions.

Simplified Functionality for Increased Efficiency

A single-axis servo drive module is a servo drive designed to control only one servomotor. This means that a single axis drive lacks the flexibility to operate multiple motors simultaneously, but it allows for improved space efficiency and productivity. Single axis drives are commonly used in robotics, aeronautics, and other applications where space efficiency is a primary concern.

ESI Motion’s Single Axis Mite

At ESI Motion, we work hard to design one of the most powerful, reliable single axis servo drive modules in the world. Our Single Axis Mite combines extreme power with unparalleled size efficiency, all in a ruggedized chassis that can withstand extreme and hazardous operating environments. The Single Axis Mite is capable of outputting up to 2 kW of power at an electrical speed of up to 75,000 RPM and can withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -55º to 100º C. It packs all of this power into a remarkable size, weighing only 1.46 oz (41.5g) and with dimensions of 2″ x 1.76″ x.77″. Truly, the Single Axis Mite provides extreme power and performance in the palm of your hand.

Tackle Your Engineering Challenges with ESI Motion

Whether you need superlative power density and space efficiency or unbeatable speed and ruggedization, ESI Motion has a solution that perfectly suits your needs. We are proud to serve the most advanced governments and corporations in the world, and our servo drive and servo drive modules regularly operate in a variety of industries. To find out more about our products or begin discussing your next project, please feel free to call us at 800.823.3235 or contact our Engineering Team.